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First time visitors to Cyprus will easily get enchanted by the raw beauty of its landscapes and the richness of experiences the island offers. Not rarely do people describe their stay on the sunny island as “divine”.

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Moving to Cyprus? We Have All Your Relocation Questions Answered in One Place

Moving to a new place is never an easy task but relocating to another country can be a formidable undertaking. It may involve procedural and legal challenges such as obtaining a visa or residence permit. It also entails adjusting to a new climate, learning new laws, and getting used to new customs – all the while battling cultural and linguistic barriers. Without a doubt, before you can successfully relocate to any country, you need to educate yourself on any challenges you may encounter in the process.

Moving to Cyprus is no different in that regard. Granted, the country is often hailed as one of the easiest places to relocate to. Even so, a person who’s planning to relocate to this beautiful island is bound to encounter some unexpected challenges. It can be stressful to navigate these challenges. It can also be difficult to overcome them without the knowledge of common pitfalls and the ways to avoid them

Unfortunately, the Internet is full of contradictory and inaccurate information. If you’re looking for proven, trustworthy advice on your Cyprus relocation issues, it is best to turn to individuals who have already completed this process, know the challenges it involves, and can safely guide you through them.

And this is exactly why we’ve created and compiled the information you’ll find in our Ultimate Guide. We felt there was a need for a central online knowledge bank with all the necessary information a person or a company may need to avoid common pitfalls and successfully relocate to Cyprus.

The content in the Ultimate Guide has been compiled from personal experiences of those who have moved to Cyprus themselves. It has also been consulted for accuracy, completeness, and precision with professionals from legal and accounting backgrounds working for well-established companies from all over the island. We are confident that the information you’ll find on this website is proven, trustworthy, and effective and that it will help you to successfully relocate to Cyprus.

What Does The Guide Cover?

The Ultimate Guide is a comprehensive resource has been designed to answer your most immediate questions about the country and its culture as well as the procedural aspects of moving and settling in. For example, if you want to know what the legal requirements for setting up a company in Cyprus are or if you’re looking for a thorough comparison of the best insurance options, you will find the relevant information and advice in our Guide. Here’s a short recap of each of the chapters

Introduction to Cyprus

From the country’s history to its political system, tax laws, weather, and even food – this chapter is brimming with the basic information you may need before making the final decision to move. It’s a good place to start if you’d like to get a good overview of the island and the people that call it home.

Cyprus Immigration Process

The legal aspects of the immigration process are often the most challenging part of moving to a foreign country. This chapter will guide you through the most important aspects of the Cyprus immigration laws and the process of applying for a temporary or permanent residency and citizenship.

Finding a Place to Live in Cyprus

A comfortable house or apartment can go a long way in helping you to make a new and foreign place truly feel like home. This chapter will help you choose a place to stay in Cyprus that will truly suit your needs

Getting a Car in Cyprus

Without any working railway system and limited long-distance bus routes, the best way to move around Cyprus is by car. This chapter presents various options for obtaining your own vehicle – from renting to buying locally to importing. It also contains information that will help you drive safely and obey traffic rules.

Insurance in Cyprus

Traveling without valid insurance is never a good idea – but failing to insure yourself, your family, and your property when living in another country is a disaster waiting to happen. This chapter will introduce you to various insurance options and companies available to expats in Cyprus.

Mobile and Internet in Cyprus

Who would live in the modern world without cellphone coverage and a fast Internet connection? Luckily, Cyprus has great mobile and Internet service providers. This chapter presents an overview of the availability of IT services in Cyprus to help you choose the best provider for your needs.

Taxation in Cyprus

Cyprus has one of the most advantageous tax regimes in the EU. Read this chapter to learn what taxes you will have to pay as a Cyprus resident and what interesting benefits you can claim as a tax resident of the country.

Establishing a Company in Cyprus

Wondering how to start a business in Cyprus? It’s easier than you may think! Read this chapter to learn what the company registration process is like and what unique economic benefits you may enjoy as a business owner in Cyprus.

How to Find a Job in Cyprus

This chapter focuses on the why, how, and where of the job searching process so that you can feel well-equipped to conquer the Cypriot employment market.

Social Life in Cyprus

To truly feel at home after a move to a new place, you need to establish a good network of trusted friends and fun acquaintances. Our chapter on social life in Cyprus will help you grow your social life in no time.


Navigating the Relocation Guide

The guide is divided into thematic chapters covering specific issues related to the relocation process and the life on Cyprus. While you’ll no doubt benefit from reading the guide in its entirety, you can also go straight to the subject that interests you the most.