On this page you find a list of questions that we most frequently get from people who are interested in moving to Cyprus. Each question comes with a very brief answer and a reference to where you can seek out more information.

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What makes Cyprus unique?

There are many reasons why Cyprus is a unique place. For starters Cyprus has a unique culture, a great kitchen and an outstanding climate. But the island offers a great taxation scheme and a great environment for businesses.

How do I move to Cyprus?

There are several ways to how you can move to Cyprus. If you are currently a resident of another EU member state you can stay in Cyprus without any paperwork for 90 days. If you are not a resident of a EU member state other rules apply.
If you want to stay longer you can either get a temporary of permanent residency for which you will have to live up to several requirements.

How do I find place to live?

There’s several great places to live in Cyprus both inside the cities and outside. If you want to live in one of the larger cities (Nicosia, Limassol, Paphos & Larnaca), we recommend you check out the specifics for each individual city first. After that, you may want to consider if you want to rent or if you want to buy. There are several great arguments for both choices.

What is the cost of living in Cyprus?

Compared to other countries in the EU, living expenses in Cyprus are fairly low. In the last few years, real estate prices have gone up but even though the general costs of buying real estate are still okay. If you wish to rent there are several cheap options available.

What is the best option for getting a car?

Cyprus is definitely a “car-country” meaning that all the islands infrastructure is optimised towards transportation by car. If you want to get a car in Cyprus there are several great options that you can make use of. You can either import, buy or rent a car – of course there are advantages and disadvantages for each of these options.

How do I find the best Insurance on the island?

There’s several big insurance companies in Cyprus, which each have unique value propositions over one another. Generally speaking, we recommend going to an insurance agent as he will be able to investigate your needs and find a great match for you.

How's the internet on the island?

Contrary to popular belief, the internet in Cyprus is actually of a pretty good standard. There are some places that do not offer the best coverage so it is generally a good idea to check out the situation with multiple providers.

How is the business environment?

Cyprus offers one of the most advantageous business landscapes in all of Europe. Cyprus has great taxation schemes and generally good conditions for companies.

Which jobs are available on the island and where can I find vacant postions?

The great business and taxation conditions in Cyprus have brought in a lot of companies. These companies all need employees and because of Cyprus relatively low number of inhabintant there is currently a shortage of qualified personnel in many areas. There are several great places where you can look for jobs in Cyprus.