Insurance in Cyprus

Located in the eastern parts of the Mediterranean you find Cyprus. Cyprus is a fairly large island of about 9.300 square kilometers or roughly one tenth of the size of Iceland. The island is home to around 1.2 million citizens – A number that has increased with a great pace within the last 10 years due to its increasing attractiveness to foreigners.


    When moving to a new country, making sure that you have all of your insurance needs taken care of is very important. Cyprus is not an exception. Having the right insurance while provide you a peace of mind knowing you are covered if accidents occur.

    On the other hand, getting the right degree of insurance to the right price is easier said than done and then whole process can become very cumbersome. First you need to consider what kind of insurance policies you need: Do you need car insurance, property insurance? Do you need private health insurance? All this depends on your unique situation and only you can answer does questions. The important thing here is not exactly what kind of insurance policies you need or what degree of coverage you require - The important thing is that you think about your needs and make due diligence to find the best supplier of the insurance products you need.

    Basic insurance needs

    This section comprises a simple guide to inspire you of your basic insurance needs in Cyprus. The guide is inspirational and is not the definitive answer and is only intended to help you make the best possible choices. As a last point, we urge you to remember the saying: “Insurance is something you hope to never use but something you will not be without the day you need it”.

    • Health: Cyprus has a dual multi-payer health care system that consists of a public and private sector, but is well on the way of becoming an universal healthcare.

      • Public: The public sector healthcare is funded by payroll, earnings taxes, and employer contributions and provides social insurance for the employed, self-employed, and for several types of civil servant. Coverage includes dental, mental health and pharmaceutical services, as well as general public health resources.
      • If you don’t have public health insurance, you can use the public medical facilities. The rate for this is €15 for a visit to a general practitioner and €30 for a visit to a specialist.
      • You may also need access to private health insurance, depending on your situation, for example if you do not have a job at the moment. If you are visiting Cyprus, then it could be prudent to get some form of short-term coverage for the duration of your visit. Costs may vary depending on the coverage you choose.

      Emergency Numbers:

      112 - General emergency number for EU countries
      199 - The local emergency number in Cyprus

    • Car: Car insurance is definitely one of the most crucial aspects you need to take care of. Your car insurance is likely going to be the one you make use of the most often.
      There are two basic types of policy accessible in Cyprus: third party and comprehensive. Third party covers the driver’s liability to his passengers and other people affected by an accident. Third party insurance is the minimum required cover under Cypriot law to ensure that reimbursement will be paid to victims of an incident. Comprehensive insurance usually is more expensive and it also covers the driver's damages and compensation whether they are responsible or not.
    • Home: Having property insurance is going to be very useful if something ever occurs at your home or your business. Whether you are renting an apartment or owning a home or offices, it is essential that you have some form of insurance.
      Cover is available for permanent residents, holiday homes, long term lets and even short term rentals. Whether you own a modern concrete property, stone built or a timber framed house, we can find a policy to suit your needs. Typical policies include not only the standard perils (Earthquake, Storm, Fire, Theft etc.) but also:

      • Malicious damage
      • Trace and Access
      • Subsidence
      • Accidental Damage
      • Freezer Contents
    • Travelers: This is one of the least used insurances, but depending on your plans in Cyprus, it could be a good choice. For example, If you encounter a problem during the trip, such as a sudden illness, an accident or loss of luggage, you can be covered. You may even find coverage for permanent disability, temporary total disability to work, medical expenses or even death.

    What to do

    You might be thinking; How much will insurance cost me? That is actually a very common question. The answer to that question will depend on what insurance you choose to purchase and the specifics of each one. The general rule here is that you will pay more the higher degree of coverage you get.

    If you choose to get a private health care without dental and don’t have a car, so you don’t get car insurance the price will be of course different than that one you will have with dental and a car. In this case, we encourage you to see and compare prices between all the providers.

    Check the market conditions and search multiple offers

    Understanding the variety of insurance you may need to purchase, and furthermore, all the alternatives of companies to choose from, we recommend you put it all in a bundle and go straight to insurance companies that provide all the services or that can consolidate them for you at your best convenience.

    Here are some insurance companies that you may seek for your insurance needs bundles:

    • Commercial General Insurance Ltd.
    • EuroLife
    • Cosmos Insurance Public Company Limited
    • Gan Direct Insurance
    • TopQuotes Insurance
    • Atlantic Insurance (Paphos Branch/Limassol Branch/larnaca Branch)
    • Anytime Insurance
    • Eurosure Insurance Company LTD
    • Royal Crown Insurance Co LTD
    • Insurance Link

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