Social life In Cyprus

Moving to a new place can be a great adventure, but it can also be difficult. You have to get used to a new lifestyle, customs, food, neighborhood and people among other things.


    Social life in Cyprus

    Moving to a new place can be a great adventure, but it can also be difficult. You have to get used to a new lifestyle, customs, food, neighborhood and people among other things. Still, leaving your friends and family behind these days in not that hard due to internet and social networks. You can keep in touch in ways that were unthinkable as close as 20 years ago.

    In this new adventure, you should consider learning about the social life in Cyprus and build new networks. Studies have shown that people live longer and are generally happier if they are surrounded by other people. Here are some tips on networking and activities you may venture to do in Cyprus, from sports, history, nature, and festivals. Let’s be happy and live!


    In the times we live in, it is fairly easy to create or become a part of a network. There is of course Facebook, Instagram or Twitter (as well as other platforms), where you can find a great variety of groups from animal lovers, exercises, festivals, tourism, history and many more. You may also use Meetup, where groups can be found by cities, specific activities or even your own nationality.

    Always be attentive to what is happening in your new city so you can take a part of the activities and make new friends! There are plenty of sports, nature activities, festivals, and tourism you may find in the networks.

    People in Cyprus are very social. It is very natural to go out with your lawyer or even your accountant. And if you like their services, why not become friends? They may even take you themselves to do all these amazing things becoming your own personal local tour-guides!

    What to do in Cyprus

    Cyprus is an Eastern Mediterranean jewel. It’s historic, mythical and cultural destinations for everybody. Visitors and locals can enjoy various archaeological sites, or settle for other plentiful outdoor activities including annual festivals, hiking, and water games. Here are some fun things you can do in the island.


    Stay active in Cyprus! We have everything you need to stay in shape and have a great time enjoying the scenery and perfect weather.

    • WindsurfingWindsurfing is a very popular sport in Cyprus as the weather lets you practice all year long. You can also do wakeboarding as the sunrise sea is usually flat and kite surfing when winds are strong. You can find certified centers at some beaches if you are a beginner or trying to improve your skills.
    • TennisYou may find various courts to play in and practice as well as academies to learn if you
      are new to the sport and wish to learn.
    • Basketball, baseball, football, volleyballCyprus has courts and fields for all these sports. You may visit public spots to play or
      rent indoor or outdoor courts if you wish to have a more private game with friends.
    • Scuba divingWith water temperatures remaining pleasantly above 25C well into October, Cyprus a pretty long diving season. The clarity of the sea is also excellent with visibility of more than 30 meters with seas that are also usually calm.

      Scuba diving spots:

      - White River

      - Protaras

      - Larnaca harbor

      - George’s Wall and George’s Island

      - Jubile Shoals

      - Manajin Islands

    • Running

      With an extension of 250 km long and 100 km wide, and is ringed by coast and features two interior mountain ranges. Running on Cyprus is becoming increasingly popular, due to the scenery, variety of terrain, and miles of runnable beach.

    • Scuba diving- Lanarka Salt Lake Trail

      - Limassol Coastal Run

      - Dasoudi Beach to Old Port

      - Lady’s Mile Beach

      - Nicosia Runseeing

      - Athalasa National Forest Park
    • Yoga

      Cyprus is a great place to indulge in Yoga, whether it’s at home, an a roof terrace, or in
      nature. You may also find many classes available on the island.

    • Nature

      Cyprus is a fascinating place to visit for those interested in ecotourism. The natural beauty of the island, combined with year-round sunshine, makes it a popular destination for travellers from around the world. It is important that ecotourism in Cyprus is promoted in order to ensure its cultural diversity is maintained.

    • Beaches

      Beaches in Cyprus are simply beautiful! It doesn’t matter if you have an adventurer
      spirit or if you just want to kick back and relax, there will be a beach nearby for you.

      Top beaches in Cyprus:

      - Aphrodite’s Rock and Beach

      - Konnos Bay

      - Lara Bay

      - Porto Pommos Beach

      - Nissy Beach

      - Serena Bay
    • Mountains

      For sightseeing, all level hiking treks, or just to experience the clean air of nature, you may visit some of Cyprus’s trek routes.

      Top spots (among many others):

      - Adonis Nature Trail

      - Aphrodite Trail

      - Artemis Nature Trail

      - European Long Distance path

      - Mount Olympus
    • Activities

      Cyprus puts on fantastic shows for visitors and locals, with an atmosphere of festivals in performing arts, plus all kinds of unique local traditions.There are plenty of activities in the island.

      There is a festival going on almost every month that you can visit depending on your tastes.

      Here are our top 10 festivals:

      Carnival: (February/March)

      - Costume parties, parades and processions all around the island. The biggest celebrations take place in Limassol, with a week of masque balls, concerts and parades of beautifully decorated floats.

      Easter: (March/April)

      There are daily services in the churches, which are beautifully decorated with fresh white and cream flowers. Afterwards, the icon of Christ is paraded through the village streets, and there are big bonfires held on the evening of Easter Saturday. On Easter Sunday, church bells across the island ring out at noon, and the people celebrate with fireworks

      Larnaca Flower Parade/Anthestiria (May)

      A beautiful spring festival with decorated flowers all over Cyprus.

      Festival of the Flood/Kataklysmos (May/June)

      A week long event held on Whitsun (50 days after Orthodox Easter), this remarkable and unique festival celebrates the story of Noah and his ark full of animals.

      International Pharos Chamber Music Festival (May/June)

      A great music festival with some of the finest performers from around the world.

      Shakespeare Festival (June–September)

      The magnificent ancient theatre at Kourion near Limassol is the setting for an annual production of a Shakespeare play.

      Ayia Napa Festival (September)

      A great festival featuring traditional Cypriot music and dance, concerts by international performers and lots of special events for kids.

      Limassol Wine Festival (August–September)

      Wine festival ongoing for more than 50 years. It’s a wonderful chance to sample some of the island’s best wines.

      Paphos Aphrodite Festival (September)

      One of the most atmospheric festivals of performing arts on Cyprus.

      Kypria International Festival (September–October)

      The biggest cultural festival on the island, this is a chance to see some of the best local and international performers at locations across the island.

      Cyprus has an extremely rich culture. Its geographical position has made it a place
      where ancestral cultures have established themselves for ages. Here are our top
      must visit attractions in the island:

      Kykkonos Monastery (church, monastery):

      This monument is adorned with decorations and antique exhibits made from precious metals such as gold, silver, brass, and bronze. Set on a mountain peak, you will need to bring your hiking gear if you want to reach this spot.

      Tombs of the Kings (Archaeological site, Cemetery)

      This World Heritage site, located just 2 km (1.24 miles) north of Paphos Harbour, is an underground monument carved out of solid rocks dating back to the 4th century BC.

      Kato Paphos Archeological park (Archeological site)

      A blend of ancient Greek and Roman social and cultural life. The site is an ancient city inhabited since prehistoric to Middle Ages.

      Paphos Castle (Archeological site)

      A great castle that stands proud and provides perfect backgrounds and grounds for cultural events and festivals, one of them being the Aphrodite festival which is held every September.

      Kolossi Castle (Archeological site, ruins)

      Kolossi has played an important role in Cyprus’s history, with its surrounding land once used as sugarcane plantations.

      Hala Sultan Tekke (Archaeological site, Mosque)

      This monument is ranked as the fourth most important holy places of worship in Islam.

      Fasouri Watermania (Amusement Park, Swimming Pool)

      Summer in Cyprus can be extremely hot, this park offers a range of water activities to cool down when it all gets too much. The extraordinary water adventure park is the largest water park of its kind on the island.

      Cyprus Museum (Archeological site, museum)

      To learn more about the history of Cyprus’s civilisation, Cyprus Museum is the ultimate destination.

      The Shipwreck Museum (History museum)

      Being the only preserved ship from Greece’s Classical Age, the Star Ship gives a glimpse into the life of the crew members at the time. The ship, which was rediscovered in 1967, now sits together with her cargo in the museum. Cyprus offers a great variety of activities for everybody. Throughout the social networks you can keep posten on the up and coming events, meet new people and get acquainted in this beautiful island of the Mediterranean Sea.

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