Mobile and Internet In Cyprus

As any modern european country, Cyprus has great mobile and internet service providers. The biggest provider in the country, CYTA, is a state owned company that controls most of the telecommunications in the country.


    Mobile and Internet in Cyprus

    As any modern european country, Cyprus has great mobile and internet service providers. The biggest provider in the country, CYTA, is a state owned company that controls most of the telecommunications in the country. However, there are several other companies, which also delivers a great service. Generally, it should be fairly easy to find good providers that offers a good service. There are many bundled solutions available, where you can combine telephone, internet and TV for even more competitive prices.

    Mobile services

    For most of us, our mobile phone is an absolutely must if we want to stay connected. But to stay connected you, ofcourse, also need a carrier service. There are different options you might want to explore depending on your needs.

    • Pay as you go SIM card
      • A prepaid SIM card costs around €15, and already includes a certain amount of airtime and text
        messages. You can add credit to your balance by buying vouchers online or at selected kiosks
        throughout the island.
      • If you bring your phone, know that local cypriot SIM cards can be used in European and Australian phones. Other phones must be set to roaming to work, be aware of roaming charges.
      • Please note, if your mobile is not compatible with the cypriot system or is locked, you will have to buy one.
        Tip: A paid SIM card is a great solution if you will mainly use the phone for receiving calls as you will be able to do so even if the credit runs out.
    • Contract
      • Contracts are well suited to those who heavily depend on their mobile.
      • Most carriers have connection fees around €20. The estimate cost per month is €20, but can be a
        little less or a little more depending on the plan you get.

    Other tips

    • Check beforehand about coverage in your area. Most providers are delivering 3G and 4G internet connections but other areas/providers tend to only deliver.
    • It is possible to use your mobile phone from your home country and because of EU regulations you will be able to take calls and go on the internet with no to little extra fee.
    • It is illegal to operate your phone while driving and in later years the police have grown much more attentive to that. So buy a cheap headset and avoid problems.

    Telephoning between Northern Cyprus & the Republic

    • If you have a mobile phone from outside Cyprus with global roaming activated, it’s possible to tune into the GSM (european Global System for Mobiles) networks of either side. However, because Northern Cyprus is not a part of the EU, be adviced that the pricing will be much steeper once you cross the border to the North.
    • IIf you have bought a pay-as-you-go Cypriot card from either side, it will only pick up its own network in Nicosia or North Nicosia. Go any further from the Green Line (the line that divides northern and southern Cyprus) and you will have to revert to your international card, as roaming is not supported between the two local mobile networks.
    • Text messaging between the North and the South is not possible.

    Area codes:

    • Republic of Cyprus (south): +357
    • Northern Cyprus: +90


    Internet access is available in all Cyprus. You may find Dial-up, ADSL broadband and wireless connections such as satellite and mobile internet. Depending on what your needs are, speed and prices may vary. There are a variety of suppliers which offers a variety of services ranging from basic internet access to high speed fiber connections or wireless access. Before you settle for an option, here are some factor you should look at.

    • What are you looking for?
      If it’s just to look at your email and basic work, you may consider the cheapest options which may be a bit slower but effective. Consider to get something as simple as a dongle that you ca plug into your laptop.
    • What services are available near your location?
      All services are not available everywhere on the island.
    • Is mobile internet an alternative?
      If neither ADSL broadband or wireless internet is an option, your best bet is probably to look into the availability of a mobile internet. However, with mobile internet you will have to be watching the cost on a pay as you go plan or settle with a limited subscription plan.
    • Is satellite internet a better option?
      Satellite internet access is the most expensive solution, but it might still be your best bet if you live in the most rural parts of Cyprus.

    Going to a Café is also an option

    Normal cafés or so called “Internet cafés” may be an option. Practically all cafés have an internet connection, which you will be offered access to as a paying customer. The connection speed ranges a bit on cafés so you might have to try out a few different ones before you settle on a place to go. Alternatively, there are also something called “internet cafés”, where you pay to get access to the internet. These places typically offer you to rent their computer hardware and have generally way better connections than regular cafés.

    Telecommunication Suppliers

    Cyprus has three main telecommunication (mobile and internet) suppliers. This is an ongoing industry, but at the moment, these are the best options for you.

    Provider Prepaid option Contract option Hours available Binding period 3G/4G Price
    MTN X X Online 24/7 monthly upon contract 3G/4G *
    Primetel X X Online 24/7 monthly upon contract 3G/4G *
    Cyta X X Online 24/7 monthly upon contract 3G/4G *

    • The prices vary upon the type of plan and coverage you choose.
    • Check their websites for more information, plans and prices.

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